History of the Consortium

1987, when it all started

In 1987, eight producers from six Italian regions appeared by a notary to create the first Italian consortium for the export of wine: ‘Grandi Vini C.E’.

No producer would bet even a lira (the currency before the euro) that such a partnership could last beyond a morning’s whim. But the decades told a story of long term collaboration and international success.

Great international wines

In the eighties, when Italy was rapidly reaching its heights in quality wine production – a success eventually achieved this century – only a group of historic, like-minded producers could have successfully penetrated the difficult foreign markets of the time.  The venture started in Europe and moved its way to the Americas and, later on, to the Far East.

Thanks to the attendance of important trade fairs such as VinItaly, Prowein and Vinexpo, along with numerous trips under the consortium umbrella, the producers reached the farthest corners of the world, a marketing tactic which was not sustainable for individual producers, so Grandi Vini C.E. made a major impact in the international market.

The Consortium today

Today, the brands of this Consortium are present in over 80 countries around the world. The name has changed from Grandi Vini C.E. to Grandi Vini d’Italia Group and now consists of six producers from five regions, with its strength and spirits remaining much the same.

Barolo and Barbera from Piedmont, Amarone, Bardolino and Prosecco from Veneto, Sangiovese and Chardonnay from Romagna, Chianti and Super Tuscan from Tuscany, Verdicchio and Conero from Marche are just a few of the products represented by this organizazion. Some say that the strength and longevity of the consortium is directly dependent on the quality and variety of the wines produced.

There is something very strong that binds together winemakers such as Carpineto, Umberto Cesari, Michele Chiarlo, Garofoli, Villa Girardi and Borgo Molino – it is their deep friendship and their mission to produce their wines with a passion that goes beyond personal interest. This is the key to the success of Grandi Vini d’Italia Group.